Newborn photos, clothed or naked?

How do you want your Newborn photos to look? Should baby be clothed or naked? A mix of the two perhaps, or do you have definite opinions one way or the other? There are, as always, arguments for both camps.

Clothed – Dates a picture quickly but may be more acceptable to some.
Naked – Providing it is done professionally, it should look classic, clean and timeless.

What do I do? I do both of course!!!

Which do I prefer? Whichever one the client prefers! Hahaha.

Actually, I love photographing Newborn babies totally naked, for that natural look. I use soft colours for that timeless feel. However, I also like to add a bit of interest without distracting from the simple lines of the beauty of your baby. A lacy dress or vintage hat/headband for girls. Dungarees or flat cap perhaps for boys. Even a cuddly toy or 2!!

I try to make Newborn photos timeless. If it’s a work of art that you’re going to put on your wall, you want it to look as good in 10 or 20 years time as it does now.

However, that said, there’s always room for a bit of fun ……………………….

Christmas baby. Newborn baby picNewborn baby pic

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