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Pregnancy photos in Chelmsford

Maternity Sessions

Maternity sessions are special. Despite all the discomfort there is something magical about being pregnant.  Capture those final weeks of pregnancy with a Maternity Photo Shoot.  Creating a very special memory of this wonderful time in your life.  Recording that special time in your life when you are incubating a new life inside you, by creating classic photos for you to have as treasured memories, is a pleasure and a privilege.

You are growing a new life! A unique Individual person.  And your body is amazing!

I will work with you to show off you and your bump in all its beautiful glory.

The best time to schedule a maternity session is any time between your 28th-34th weeks, when your bump is looking gorgeous but before you are feeling too uncomfortable to move around too much. However every woman is different and this is just a guideline, you can book as early or late as you please!

What to Wear?

Please consider the type of photographs you would like to have.

Many people like to have semi naked shots. These are done tastefully and discretely with hands and fabric covering your modesty. If you would like this type of shot then please ensure you travel to the studio in loose fitting clothes to prevent strap marks appearing on your body.  If you do not wish to show off your naked bump, then I suggest you wear something tight fitting to show off your shape or utilise the specific maternity outfits I provide.

I also advise bringing with you two sets of underwear.  One black and one white.  This will ensure your underwear is not the main focus of the shot regardless of the outfit we chose!

Please view my maternity gallery here  for ideas and inspiration from previous shoots.

Your partner and siblings can be included in your images but please let me know at the time of booking so that I can accommodate them.

It is recommended that you book your session as early as possible following your 20 week scan as the diary is normally booked at least two months in advance. I will however, always try to accommodate you if it’s at all possible.

You can also arrange to have a monthly mini session to chart and record your journey. If you like this idea please contact me for a chat to discuss your requirements and pricing

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