Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially if you will be celebrating with children around.

When it is your baby’s first Christmas, chances are they’ll only be a few months old and won’t know what’s going on, but will undoubtedly enjoy the lights and sparkling decorations, the extra attention of family and friends, and of course the presents ( or more specifically what they are wrapped up in!).

It’s a time when you can re-live some of the wonderful traditions that you grew up with at this time of year and maybe introduce some new ones. Of course your little one will probably be too young to appreciate it all. However, young babies are sensory creatures meaning that they really do ‘feel’ the world around them. Take every opportunity to think about what your baby sees, smells and feels around the Christmas period. Think of Christmas smells such as cinnamon and oranges, the sight of twinkly lights, the sound of bells; all these things will stimulate your baby’s development.

With everything that’s going on it might be quite hard, but do try and keep your baby’s routine as close to normal as possible at this time. Babies prefer it this way and they (and you) will stay calmer and happier as a result.

Don’t feel like you need a tonne of gifts in order to make your baby’s first Christmas a special one. Babies are unaware of the concept of gifts at Christmas and are quite happy with the wrapping and the empty boxes than the gifts themselves. You will have to accept that even if you tell relatives not to buy anything for your child as they won’t even know its Christmas, everyone around you will want to spoil the new arrival! You could always ask for practical items, such as clothes, nappies or vouchers. This way everyone feels like they have given something useful, and you don’t end up with piles and piles of toys which won’t get played with for years to come!

Having fun, good food, family around and enjoying the festivities will all help make it a great first Christmas for your baby.

Last but not least, baby’s first Christmas is probably the one and only time your child will let you dress them as a pudding or an elf. What can I say but ……. Seize the day!

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