Baby Massage Review

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Baby Massage class in Chelmsford to take some photos. I have to say I learnt a lot!

Group Massage Class

When my children were small, which was a long time ago, lol, this wasn’t really around which was a great shame for many reasons. The babies seemed to love it and it’s a very special intimate bonding time for you and your little one.

Baby Massage in Chelmsford

You will learn how a full body massage routine to enjoy with your baby, along with al the benefits of baby massage, a Colic Alleviation & Prevention routine, settling techniques and much more. The classes are relaxed, friendly and informative and run by Claire Peacock, a fully qualified Baby Massage instructor and lovely friendly person to boot!

Foot Massage

Contact Claire for more information at and take a look at her Facebook page

The website for additional details on Baby Massage can be found here

I know you and your precious little one will benefit from this in more ways than one. Oh I almost forgot – there are classes for Dads to!

Baby Photos

Chelmsford Baby pics

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